No Endorsement

Boston Herald

»Posted on Oct 20, 2016 in No Endorsement | Comments Off on Boston Herald

With all the great talent this nation has produced, the voters are left with a choice between two of the most distrusted presidential candidates ever to share space on one political ballot. Fully two-thirds of American voters have said they distrust both Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her Republican counterpart Donald Trump. And frankly we can’t blame them.

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»Posted on Oct 18, 2016 in No Endorsement | Comments Off on LPN

Both [Clinton] and Trump are not only flawed, but unpopular. So the first inclination of our editorial board was to endorse “none of the above.” But someone is going to be inaugurated Jan. 20. In our view, the best and only choice for president Nov. 8 is Hillary Clinton.

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The Oklahoman

»Posted on Oct 16, 2016 in No Endorsement | Comments Off on The Oklahoman

Many Americans, disappointed in both nominees, may be tempted to stay home on Election Day. Instead, they need to vote. Failure to weigh in on House and Senate races would be potentially disastrous. In this distressing election year, voters need to put protecting the United States first, above all other concerns. Maintaining GOP control of Congress would go a long way toward doing that.

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Chattanooga Times Free Press

»Posted on Oct 16, 2016 in No Endorsement | Comments Off on Chattanooga Times Free Press

We could never endorse Clinton, do not choose to recommend a third-party candidate and never would advise anyone not to vote. However, because Trump doesn't espouse the traditional conservative values of this page, we cannot endorse him.

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The Repository

»Posted on Oct 15, 2016 in No Endorsement | Comments Off on The Repository

This year, however, neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump has shown the ability to inspire, to unify or to put an end to the distrust and divisiveness. We see on the horizon more of the same partisan gridlock of which Americans have grown increasingly weary.

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The Oregonian

»Posted on Oct 14, 2016 in No Endorsement | Comments Off on The Oregonian

Our goal as an editorial board is to have an impact in our community. And we don't think an endorsement for president would move the needle.

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