Major newspapers that have endorsed Hillary Clinton for President

San Jose Mercury News

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Clinton is highly qualified to be president. Trump is utterly unqualified. If he wins – which could happen if enough good citizens stay home Election Day – the shifts in American society affecting minorities, women, immigrants, Muslims and others will sharpen divides among us rather than healing them, as Clinton would try to do.

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She is steady, mature, tough, intelligent and deeply knowledgeable about policy and government. She understands that governing means collaborating. She knows that complex problems have neither simple diagnoses nor simple solutions, and that continuing to move forward is often the best idea.

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La Opinión

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Therefore, it is important for President Hillary Clinton to keep the promises of candidate Hillary Clinton in those and issues that concern the community, such as support for Army veterans, campaign finance reform, respect for LGBT rights and much more. And even though she may not be the perfect candidate, as some of the documents unveiled by WikiLeaks suggest, this moment calls for joining forces around a historical presidential bid that would put a woman in the White House for the first time, in order to prevent a social and economic crisis with terrible consequences if Trump were to be elected.

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The Pantagraph

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Choosing libertarian Gary Johnson as a "protest" vote against Trump or Clinton isn't the answer, either. There is a lot to do to get this country back on track. Clinton is the candidate best equipped to do that. She should be elected the president on Nov. 8.

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Herald & Review

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Our Views: Trump unfit for president; Clinton is better choice There are things we don’t like about the former secretary of state: the email scandal (though she was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing); the continued murkiness over Benghazi; and the perception among many that she tells voters what they want to hear, when she believes something else, are among them. But she is stable. She is knowledgeable and she understands what it means to lead the country. Her years as first lady, her work in the U.S. Senate and as secretary of state under Obama — while you may question her record — have given her the credentials and experience to be president.   READ THE FULL ARTICLE...

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Billings Gazette

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Clinton has a decades-long record of standing up for children and disadvantaged citizens. She was a strong early proponent of the federal Children's Health Insurance Program, which today covers tens of thousands of Montana kids with low-cost or no-cost insurance.

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