Major newspapers that have endorsed Hillary Clinton for President

Rockford Register Star

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Our View: Choosing in a year of unpleasant choices Hillary Clinton, of course, is a far-from-perfect candidate, and as hacked emails show, she and her team are such ruthless political operators as to border on cynicism. If she were facing a smart, moderately conservative Republican — John Kasich, anyone? — she would probably be trailing in the polls.   READ FULL ARTICLE...

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Poughkeepsie Journal

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For country’s sake, Clinton, by default If she wins, tremendous scrutiny must continue on the Clinton Foundation, the multimillion-dollar charity that has done exceptional work around the globe but nevertheless has raised alarms about access and “pay to play” for the governments and ultra-rich who have ties to it. While former President Bill Clinton says he will step down from the foundation if his wife takes office, legitimate concerns about potential conflicts of interest obviously will remain.   READ FULL ARTICLE...

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Daily Herald

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In endorsing Clinton, we're not the only newspaper to repudiate Donald Trump. In fact, every major newspaper in the country has done so. The virtual universality of editorial board opposition to him is unprecedented, from perspectives across the nation of every ideological bent, from East Coast to West Coast and everywhere in between.

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Star Tribune

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As with every leader, Clinton is not without her failings. She relies too heavily on a small coterie of longtime loyalists. She allowed a brutal primary to push her toward positions on trade and other issues that will need readjusting. Her tendency toward obfuscation and evading the truth when cornered — as seen in her handling of State Department e-mails and alleged Clinton Foundation conflicts — is a trait that must be overcome with a new commitment to candor and transparency. But when those weaknesses are considered against the towering flaws of her opponent, Donald J. Trump, Clinton clearly is the nation’s best hope.

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The News Tribune

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She is equal parts compassionate and tough, whether fighting for 9/11 first responders or standing up for Chinese women during a famous speech in Beijing. She’s ruthless when circumstances demand, such as her role in helping plan the Special Forces raid that took out Osama Bin Laden.

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The Philadelphia Inquirer

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We have concerns about Clinton too, including her unwillingness to share transcripts of the dozens of highly compensated speeches she made to Wall Street firms; the relationship between major donors to the Clinton Foundation and nations she negotiated with as secretary of state; and her unwillingness to hold press conferences, which demeans the ideal of open government. But Clinton’s experience as a children’s advocate, first lady, U.S. senator, and secretary of state far outweigh Trump’s credentials to become president.

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